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"One of the Best EDM producers to come past me in a long time!"

- Art Javier, President, Sights & Sounds Productions

"I LOVE working with Ion, he's one of the most creative and down to earth people I have ever met."

- Nikki Phoenix, EDM Artist

    Ion Flux was born October, 1977 on a military base in Hinesville, Georgia, and raised in San Diego, California.  His first musical inspiration came at the age of 8, when he went to his first concert put on by his uncle's band. He knew right then he wanted to be a musical performer.
     As he grew up, Ion self-taught himself how to play drums and piano by watching the members of his uncle's band play. By the time he was in high school he had formed a band of his own as the drummer and backing vocalist, and began performing for his friends.
     After graduation, Ion's musical ventures ceased as he became focused on being a father at 18 years old and working to support his family. Even though his priorities changed, Ion's musical spirit endured. He continued to play piano for his children over the next 15 years, until his marriage unfortunately came to an end.
     Soon after his divorce, Ion relocated to Ohio and soon began his journey back to becoming a performer. He soon found out about Digital Audio Workstations (or D.A.W for short) and began the his path of not only being proficient in using Workstations but also taking his craft as an artist to new found heights. His dreams is to one day be composing soundtracks for film, and musical numbers for broadway. In the mean time Ion say's he's perfectly comfortable making music destined for radio. As he says; "To create a track that speaks to the hearts of the listeners, first we must get heard. Radio offers that". The future looks bright for this up and coming but amazing artist......... Ion Flux.

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